Episode #3: Where – Cast down your bucket

Unless you are on the scene of a disaster, the most likely place for you to find an opportunity to provide Mental Health First Aid will be closer to home and in your usual sphere of activity. This is where you will find the people you know best. This means they are also the ones you are best able to see a change in. First on your list to keep an eye out for should be your close family members and friends. It would certainly be a shame if you missed an opportunity to use your new first aider skills to help them. Next, be watchful of your acquaintances in the various organizations and social circles that you participate in. Consider you neighborhood, church (member of your choir, usher board, Sunday School class, or regular on your pew), workplace, or social club (e.g., fraternity/sorority). IT could also be someone at your coffee shop or bus stop, but you see them regularly enough to notice and change in some aspect of their beat.

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