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Anyone can learn and do this… everyone should – R Fields, MD


Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an evidence-based training program designed to teach adults how to provide initial support and assistance to someone who may be experiencing a mental health challenge or crisis. Like regular first aid, which helps with physical injuries, mental health first aid helps you recognize important signs and symptoms, how to listen nonjudgmentally, how to give useful information and reassurance,  when and how to encourage  self help or help from an appropriate professional.  More than three million people across the United States have been trained in MHFA. 

Our Training -Mental Health First Aid Courses

Course For Adults to Help Adults

This Adult course will familiarize you with signs and symptoms of common mental health concerns that affect adults and equip you with a 5-step action plan for helping those adults who are in or are developing a mental health crisis to obtain the support and any professional care they might need. 

Course For Adults to Help Youth

This Youth course highlights the importance of early recognition of signs and symptoms for the more common mental health concerns that affect youth and builds skill in the use of a 5-step action plan to connect and communicate with youth in ways that facilitate trust, and receptiveness to help.

Course for Clergy to Help Members

The Clergy course offers Mental Health First Aid training in groups dedicated to ministers and church leaders.  The training empowers them not to diagnose or treat, but to identify and make timely referral of individuals who may be experiencing a mental health challenge.  We would like to help every church have a Mental Health Safety Net of trained first aiders

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Our Special Features

Here are some additional reasons to select our mental health first aid training:

  1. Expertise: Our trainer is a licensed psychiatrist with real experience in mental health care, ensuring that you receive accurate and relevant information.
  2. Experience: Our courses have been taken by a broad range of persons to include parents, grandparents, family members of the mentally ill, teachers, graduate students, ministers, and health/mental health professionals,
  3. Convenience: Our completely online courses can be taken from any location while our use of 2 shorter sessions (vs 1 long block of time) is often easier to fit into busy schedules.
  4. Comprehensive Curriculum: Our training covers a wide range of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders, and self-harm, providing a well-rounded understanding of mental health challenges.
  5. Practical Skills: Our scenario supported approach focuses on real-life situations, enabling participants to practice and begin developing vital skills in recognizing and responding to mental health crises.
  6. Evidence-Based: Our training is based on proven research and best practices in mental health care, ensuring that you receive reliable information.
  7. Customizable: We offer flexible training options that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization or group.
  8. Ongoing Support: We provide post-training support to help participants strengthen their newly acquired skills/knowledge and offer self-care resources to include PRN coaching.
  9. Cost-Effective: Our mental health first aid training is competitively priced, making it an affordable investment in the well-being of your organization and/or community.
  10. Improved Mental Health Literacy: Our training helps participants better understand mental health issues, reducing stigma and fostering a supportive environment for those experiencing mental health challenges.
  11. Enhanced Resilience: By equipping individuals with the skills to support others in mental health crises, our training promotes resilience and well-being within the community.
  12. Social Responsibility: Investing in mental health first aid training demonstrates your personal or organization’s commitment to social responsibility and creating a supportive, inclusive environment for all.

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