The Need: MHFA courses provide a large amount of information in a relatively short period of time. If not refreshed, that information and the related skills that were being developed may fade over time – especially if they are not being used.
The Purpose: We want to help first aiders keep their knowledge fresh, solidify their understanding, and help them build and refine skills in the use of the ALGEE action plan so they stay alert to helping opportunities. They should always be ready and confident to say and do something that might help an individual facing a mental health challenge. To that end, we are developing the Algee Academy as an online place for further study and training for certified mental health first aiders. The two-fold mission is to 1) refresh and deepen first aider knowledge and skills and 2) heighten alertness, readiness, and confidence, which will encourage first aiders to use and apply their skills in real life.

The Reference Room

(To Deepen Understanding)
  • Mental Health Support Directory
  • Relevant Videos, Podcasts
  • ALGEE Explications
  • Clinical Topic Summaries

The Training Room

(ALGEE How To's)
  • How To: See, Say, Do Something
  • Additional Practice Case Scenarios
  • Refresher Quizzes And Games
  • Mini-Webinars/Workshops,

The Alumni Room

(Communication & Connection)
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