The Youth Course

The Youth MHFA Course is for adults (i.e., you must be 18 yrs or older) who would like to be able to assist Youth (ages 12-18).  It highlights the importance of early recognition of signs and symptoms for the more common mental health concerns that affect youth and builds skill in the use of a 5-step action plan to connect and communicate with youth in ways that facilitate trust, and receptiveness to help.  It consists of 13 modules divided into three parts.

Part 1:  Self-Paced/Self-Study/Pre-Work_(Modules 1-9 online)

The first part of the course is a basic overview of Mental Health and Mental Health First Aid that you do on your own (ergo, Self-study).  It provides a knowledge foundation for Part 2.

After you register for the course and are enrolled by the instructor (Me), you will receive an emailed link inviting you to set up an account on the MHFA website called Connect.  Once that is done, you will be given access to the Part 1 Course material that is housed on the Connect website.  You take this part of the course entirely online.

Part 1 of the course consists of the following nine modules:

Module 1. Welcome to Mental Health First Aid

Module 2. First Aider Course Instructions

Module 3. Youth Mental Health First Aid Pre-Evaluation

Module 4. Youth Mental Health First Aid Opinions Quiz

Module 5. Youth MHFA First Aider Self-Paced Course

  • SEGMENT 1: Welcome and Introduction to Youth Mental Health First Aid.
  • SEGMENT 2: Mental Health and Mental Illness in Youth.
  • SEGMENT 3: Typical Adolescent Development
  • SEGMENT 4: Recognizing Signs and Symptoms
  • SEGMENT 5: Review Quiz
  • SEGMENT 6: Importance of Self-Care
  • SEGMENT 7: Having a Supportive Conversation

Module 6. Youth MHFA Participant Manual

Module 7. Self-Care Plan Template

Module 8. Exit Ticket Completed ·

Module 9. Youth Mental Health First Aid Participant Processing Guide (PPG)

Completion of these modules takes approximately 2 hours but does not have to be done in a single sitting.  You can go about it in whatever timeframe works best for you (ergo, Self-Paced).

Important Note:  You can only participate in Part 2 classes if you have successfully completed the Part 1 Self-Study.  You MUST complete this work BEFORE the beginning of Part 2 classes (ergo, Pre-Work).

Part 2:  Instructor-Led Classes_(Module 10 via Zoom)

This part of the course is used to reinforce and augment knowledge from Part 1.  Most importantly, this is where you learn the 5-step MHFA Action plan called ALGEE and build the core skills of Mental Health First Aid.  Using videos and case scenarios you will also be given opportunities to understand the application of these skills in both crisis and non-crisis situations for those in need of help… and yourself.

Part 2 of the course consists of the following seven learning segments:

1st Evening (6:30-9:00 PM/ET)

  • SEGMENT 1: Welcome to Youth Mental Health First Aid.
  • SEGMENT 2: YMHFA Self-paced Introduction Recap.
  • SEGMENT 3: YMHFA in Non-crisis Situations

2nd Evening (6:30-9:00 PM/ET)

  • SEGMENT 4: YMHFA in Crisis Situations
  • SEGMENT 5: Self-care for the Youth Mental Health First Aider.

This portion of the course generally requires 5.5 – 6.5 hours depending on the size and desired pace of the class.  However, we are usually able to accomplish it in 6 hours by dividing the segments into two 3-hour evening sessions.  We believe this allows participants to maintain a higher level of attention throughout the experience and make the learning more effective.

Part 3:  Post Course Evaluation & Feedback_(Modules 11-13 online)

The last portion of the program consists of the following three modules:

Module- 11. Youth Mental Health First Aid Final Exam

Module- 12. Youth Mental Health First Aid Post-Evaluation: Knowledge Check

Module- 13. Youth Mental Health First Aid Post-Evaluation: Course Response

Note the exam is not as scarey as it might sound and is essentially just a review of key points you will know well from the course.   All three parts can be completed in 30 minutes or less.

Upon completion of the 3 parts, you are eligible to download your official certificate confirming you as a Youth Mental Health First Aider!


Karla Jelks
Karla Jelks
Youth MHFA Certified 05/2024
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Adult MHFA Certified 5/2024 "This course has deepened my understanding and sensitivity to mental health. Helping others does not require more out of a person than your normal, daily walk in life- it's simply a gesture.  Dr. Fields made the class feel warm and inviting. I highly recommend both the youth mental first aid course and the instructor, Dr. Fields."
Ramona Hale , Saint Philip Mental Health Council
Youth MHFA Certified 05/2023
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The course exceeded my expectations. I had no idea what to expect and I was uncomfortable focusing on the youth population. I left the course with a clear understanding of how to competently approach what is clearly an uncomfortable, unpredictable, and in most cases unstable situation with the tools to positively impact a mental health situation.
Kaila Greg
Youth MHFA Certified 11/2022
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I am currently a DNP student getting my degree in the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program and still found this class to be useful… the class helped me look at different perspectives and really think about my own children and how I interact with them.
Melvin J. Hadley, MBA, JD
Youth MHFA Certified 9/2022
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As a result of taking the mental health first aid course I am better prepared to respond, see, access, and intervene when I believe someone should seek professional help. Knowing what the most useful things are you can do in these situations is a valuable outcome of this training.

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